AcceptU 不一样的大学申请讲座: 如何突出课外履历, 完胜藤校申请: 明朗+AcceptU: Practical Tips on Building a Standout Extracurricular Profile

明朗中文学校-AcceptU 联合推出系列讲座
Practical Tips on
Building a Standout Extracurricular Profile
如何突出课外履历, 让藤校主动录取你!
AcceptU 2022-02-06 09:00


Speaker: Stephen Friedfeld was an Assistant Dean of admissions at Cornell for four years and an Associate Dean of graduate admissions at Princeton University for six years.

Session One: Webinar
2/24, 8pm EDT

Session Two: Consultation
Discuss your child’s academic background, interests, and goals with the AcceptU’s advisor. Learn AcceptU’s programs, fees & next steps.
2/22-25, 9am-5pm EDT, 15 minutes phone session

A Note from AcceptU's Founders

We met in the admissions office at Cornell University more than 20 years ago. Today, AcceptU is the #1 rated admissions consulting firm, with hundreds of 5-star verified reviews.

Our biggest asset and differentiator is – and always has been – our exceptional team of counselors, all of whom are former admissions officers from highly selective colleges and universities. Leveraging their prior admissions experience, AcceptU’s counselors empower our clients with the inside knowledge and actionable guidance that enables them to stand out and get admitted to the schools of their choice.

We work with our clients on every aspect of the admissions process – from early planning to completion of the application materials. AcceptU’s program was developed from the ground up to be delivered online – a convenient, flexible and innovative approach to admissions counseling. Our counselors work, on average, with just eight students per class year, ensuring high engagement, commitment, and responsiveness.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of students from around the world and delivered tens of thousands of hours of counseling. The results are clear: we consistently place more than 90% of our clients into one of their top three choices and our clients are, on average, four times more likely to be admitted with us than if they apply on their own. Simply put, our approach to admissions counseling works.

We invite you to learn more about AcceptU and we look forward to supporting you in the admissions process.
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